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Dental Checkup

Regular dental check ups are important to maintain good oral health and hygiene. This allows for your dentist to pick up on any issues that may arise before they become severe, and help prevent gum disease and cavities. It is important to remember that your dentist takes care to examine all the oral cavity – keeping your tongue, cheeks, lips and gums all in good health, even if you have no teeth!

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Dental Hygiene

Everyone needs to follow a good at home oral hygiene routine, to achieve and maintain good oral health. Between brushing and flossing, we will prescribe the proper regime for you, and help you stick to it, so that your teeth and gums will be cared for properly.

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Cavities and Fillings

Dental cavities are the most common disease in the world! Dental decay must be removed and replaced with filling material to repair the damaged tooth. This can be achieved comfortably and pain-free at our clinic.

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment can save teeth from extraction when badly damaged or infected.

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Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed dental prostheses that can help protect at-risk teeth or replace missing teeth. There are a number of different options available that may provide a solution for you. Book in for a consultation today.

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Missing teeth can be an issue. Dentures are one of the solutions available to replace teeth, and can provide a functional, aesthetic and discreet solution to this problem. Speak to your dentist today about the options available.

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Tooth Whitening

Many of our patients would like their teeth to be a little bit brighter and whiter – and it’s easily achieved! No matter where your starting point, we can prescribe the right solution so that you can achieve your goal.

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Tooth Removal

Sometimes teeth can be damaged beyond repair, or wisdom teeth can be causing pain needlessly. If required, a tooth removal or extraction can be carried out comfortably at our clinic.

Dental Care for the Whole Family

The beauty of General Dentistry is that we welcome everyone into our clinic. Oral health is still important even if you don’t have any teeth! We can advise you of the best way to take care of your teeth so that we can prevent problems, as well as treat them. It’s important to have a prescribed individualised oral health routine – we’re all different, and we all have different needs. Our dentistry is the only dental practice in Meath you’ll need. We’re here to help you!


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We are a Full Service Dental Practice in Meath

We’re here for all of your general dental care needs. We pride ourselves on providing patient focused care – whatever your needs, or whatever your end goal, we’d like to be a part of that process. We provide high quality dentistry and are passionate about oral health. We strive to make our patients comfortable and to make dental visits accessible and as pleasant as possible for everybody. Book your consultation today, to see first hand what sets us apart.

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